Spanish Naming Conventions – The Fundamentals

Spanish Naming Conventions – The Fundamentals

Because of the influence that Spanish tradition has already established around the globe, you may possibly very well have Spanish origins someplace in your household tree.

For those of you not really acquainted with Spanish naming conventions, finding and checking out ancestors can be a little perplexing.

Today we start with Part 1 of our Spanish Naming Conventions series – The Principles

We’ll progress beyond that in the following few elements of this show but, as with every plain things, let’s start at the start…


Lots of you shall realize that Spanish names are generally more than in a lot of other countries. By much much longer I don’t mean they usually have more letters, after all they usually have more words.

Before we enter into why this is basically the situation it is crucial to comprehend that the thought of a “Middle Name” doesn’t occur in Spanish naming conventions.

Once you neglect the Middle Name, knowing the name that is full dramatically easier.

Throughout this post I’ll make use of the present Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and their household, as one example to spell out culture that is spanish conventions. Continue reading “Spanish Naming Conventions – The Fundamentals”