Dear Jennifer: I would like to watch another man to my guy

Dear Jennifer: I would like to watch another man to my guy

DEAR JENNIFER: i do want to view my guy with another guy, We have read online that it is a very common desire among ladies but haven’t heard it freely discussed.

We particularly wish to view my partner that is long-term with guy, but feel it may possibly be pressing their boundaries too much.

We’d a threesome with one of is own friends that are close in which he ended up being significantly uncomfortable about any of it a short while later. They would not communicate together after all with this right time, but i must say i want to view him achieve this as time goes on, maybe not with some body we realize, yet another man.

How do you approach this, and just exactly exactly what do i actually do if personally i think like he could be maybe not fulfilling me personally all of the way with my desires, despite me personally meeting their?

JENNIFER SAYS: “Despite you fulfilling their? ” I can’t compare your individual sacrifices, but I’m assuming it means you’ve engaged in threesomes with other women as you haven’t elaborated. And psychologically, this really is an easier concept for some males to embrace.

Lesbian intercourse hasn’t been unlawful – we once thought females had no drive that is sexual. And maybe as a result females are not appearing to share with you a lot of men’s profoundly shame that is entrenched homosexual experimentation. Addititionally there is a well-worn course for all of us to follow – pseudo lesbian intercourse is just a male pornography trope, a performance for females to emulate, if they feel genuine wish to have one other girl or otherwise not. Continue reading “Dear Jennifer: I would like to watch another man to my guy”