What you should do if you are questioning your sex

What you should do if you are questioning your sex

If you have discovered your self wondering if you might be gay, lesbian, bisexual if not asexual, you are not alone. We ask two experts to bust urban myths on intimate orientation and where those questioning their sex can go with further help and advice.

Authored by Natalie Healey В· evaluated by Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

01-Jun-18 В· 5 mins l k over

Not everybody is solely drawn to the sex that is opposite. And people that are (straight people) could possibly be in the decrease. The ONS noted a ‘statistically significant increase’ in people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual, with 2% of the population in 2016 defining themselves as such, compared with 1.7% the year before across all ages. As well as in a 2015 YouGov survey, just 46% of 16-25-year-olds defined themselves as entirely right.

If you are presently questioning your orientation that is sexual’re in g d business. But that does not always make it less daunting.

Misconceptions about sex

There are several fables about sex, leaving a lot of us confused. Intercourse educators Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock, that have a podcast about intercourse and relationships, explain any particular one for the biggest misconceptions about sexuality is the fact that it is simply about which sex we are drawn to. Continue reading “What you should do if you are questioning your sex”